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"Jennifer – I feel sooo good, much, much better and truly a bit younger after yesterday’s treatment with you! It may be my imagination but my face is amazingly refreshed… so much tension there I guess, and whatever you did with my eyes was amazing! Also the neck, shoulder, and chest work has truly opened everything – wow! Just thought you should know what a fantastic impact you have had."

Deborah Nelson - Sarasota, FL

Physical Therapist Recommended Self Care Products for Reducing your Pain

Physical Therapist Recommended Self Care Products for Reducing your Pain

I find myself repeating product recommendations on a daily basis for common ailments I’ve spent a lot of valuable treatment time looking up these same products for different people, sometimes multiple times throughout the day I’ve told them what to look for, written down pertinent details and printed out pictures ...
My Journey to Physical Therapy with Heart

My Journey to Physical Therapy with Heart

When I graduated from Rollins College in 2002 with my BA at 22 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life I had majored in Vocal Performance and Composition and minored in Writing and Economics My interests have always been all over the map ...